Welcome... TO THE ASYLUM

DayZ The Asylum is an EU based private server and community for DayZ Standalone. Adopting a rich persona, you must shape your life as you journey through the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Chernarus, meeting fellow survivors and battling against the elements as well as the odds.

In order to encourage this kind of survival, we ask that players adhere to a small amount of rules to ensure the community thrives in the best possible way. The server is also whitelisted, so if you wish to be considered as a community member you must apply here.

No Limits

Go anywhere, do anything, be anyone, play any role. The choice really is yours. Whether you choose to don bright blue paramedic clothes to collect blood samples for your experiments or suit up in full military grade camouflage to assist the Chernarus Defence Force and stake out highway bandits, there is no limit on what you can become and how your story may unfold.

The Asylum is open to all kinds of players regardless of experience or skill level. All you need to do is submit an application and if you get accepted, commit to role playing.

A Whole New DayZ Experience

Shape your story like never before. Whether that story is a bitter tale of gritty survival searching desperately for the basic necessities or a prosperous tale of communal survival against the odds.

Everyone you meet is writing their own story. Soldiers patrol the military bases caught up in widespread rebel warfare, civilians turned bandits capture and rob the unsuspecting,  civil servants work to provide basic supplies and traders gather and sell to the highest bidder.

The Asylum is no ordinary shooting range like other DayZ servers. It is a rich tapestry of hundreds of characters, each of them different and each fighting their own battles.

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